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A new Exclusive Network featuring a completely transparent Alternative Pricing Calculation Model

Introducing Alter-Net, a new Exclusive Network offering self-funded employer groups and insurance companies a predictable payment model.  Employer Groups, Providers and Payors alike are not exempt from the pressures of rising healthcare costs and the administrative issues with lack of transparency. As overall satisfaction with the status quo continues to decline, companies that pay for healthcare can choose to partner with Alter-Net and become part of the solution. A partnership with us benefits you by:

  • Eliminates balance billing and litigation by securing contracts with facilities and providers.

  • Alternative Pricing Calculation Model based on set, recognizable standards.

  • Predictability – costs and payments are pre-determined; the plan and the patient are better able to anticipate and handle healthcare expenses.

  • Fair pricing for both Provider as well as Patient.

  • Self-insured and self-funded employer groups educate their employees on pricing/payments and what the employee owes (less unexpected and unprepared patients).

Alter-Net’s intent is to connect Local Healthcare Providers with neighboring employer groups and insurance companies to promote transparency in reimbursements and ensure providers are paid fairly and timely.


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